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12–16 August 2024

Breathwork for athletic performance

In this workshop, you'll discover techniques to enhance your breathing for better athletic performance. These hands-on methods aim to refine your breathing patterns, boosting oxygen intake and distribution throughout your body. We'll cover the essentials of breathing before and during training, preparing for peak performance in competitions, and accelerating recovery.


The program shows how targeted breathing exercises can enhance physical abilities and nurture a focused mindset. Over time, these principles will contribute to your overall well-being and stress reduction.


Optimise your workouts

In this course, our main focus will be on three key aspects:

Performance – learning how to enhance endurance, increase VO2 max, and improve oxygen delivery to cells provides an added training stimulus to the body.

Recovery – discovering techniques to speed up recovery after training, balancing the body's chemistry, and maintaining fitness during rest or injury.

Mindset – achieving calmness and improved concentration, resetting the nervous system, and utilising breathwork in sports psychology.

Interactive Learning
The course made up of live online meetings. We will have 4 workshop days in total but you can practice during the days in between on your own. 

Each of the training days you will partly consist of a lecture where we can go through all the theory and there will also be time for a guided practice. The live meetings are also a great opportunity to ask questions and get feedback right away.

Live meetings:

Monday 12.08 
Tuesday 13.08

Thursday 14.08 
Friday 15.08 

All meetings
7pm GMT (London)

8pm CEST (Warsaw)


In recent times, there's been a surge in different ways people use breathing techniques to enhance athletic performance. I believe this area is still relatively new and growing. A lot of the newer methods have their roots in ancient practices.

With this program, I aimed to bring together both modern training approaches and those ancient methods. Nowadays, more and more high-level athletes are including breathwork training alongside their workouts. They do it to improve performance, recover, and focus their minds.

Breathwork has so many applications across different areas, and it's really important to have a good understanding of it.

– Martin Petrus


7 Hours

of training 





General benefits:

  • Delays the onset of fatigue and lactic acid

  • Improves aerobic performance

  • Improves VO2 Max

  • Improves delivery of oxygen to organs and muscles

  • Reduces breathlessness during physical exercise

  • Helps prevent exercise induced asthma

  • Helps maintain fitness during rest or injury

  • Helps maintain focus and concentration

  • Improve respiratory muscle strength

  • Improve sleep and recovery

Flexible Training
The course will be happening in real time but you can join any point. All the online lessons will be recorded and always available for you. If you miss anything you can still catch up without any problem. 

For who?

Recreational Athletes

If your training focus is on health and well-being, this course will provide you with fundamental insights into breathing techniques while engaged in physical activities.

Professional Athletes
For those who are training professionally in a specific sport, this workshop will offer creative approaches to incorporate breathwork training drills into your practice, optimizing performance. Given the diverse range of sports covered, this course will not go into the specifics of aligning breathwork with individual disciplines.


If you create training programs for others, this course will give you plenty of ideas to incorporate into your workouts.

Early Bird Price (until 30th June 2024)


Regular Price (from 1st July 2024)



Try it risk free


If you sign up for the course, and for any reason, you don't like it after the first workshop day, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

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