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Two week online course 


A calm state of mind is a frame of consciousness in which one is in control of their thoughts and emotions. It is a state of relaxation and contentment, free from stress and anxiety. Learn how to be at ease virtually on demand.

With simple breathwork, meditation and visualisation techniques you can balance your energy levels - be alert whenever you need to be active and relax when you need to regenerate. Being calm helps in everyday life whenever you are working, learning or playing. It gives the ability to focus and be totally in the present moment. 


Effortless relaxation

In the course we will use various breathwork, meditation and visualisation techniques. These are simple and practical methods for regulating the nervous system and relaxing your mind. We will also cover some biohacking basics on optimising sleep and flow states. 

Offline Access

You have access to all the materials from the course - videos from 6 workshop days in total. Each of the training days partly consists of a lecture with the theory, exercises and a longer guided practice. 

– Videos
– Downloadable guided sessions
– PDF presentations
– Online Journal


It is often assumed that relaxation is the solution for anxiety. However, there are various forms of relaxation. One may achieve a state of relaxation by consuming certain substances, but this can also lead to dissociation. Although it may provide temporary relief, it is not a long-term solution.


The ideal state is one of balance - relaxed yet focused. Similar to a cat, which can walk effortlessly and spring into action or rest at any moment. This state is referred to as "calm," where one is fully present in the moment without wasting any energy.
– Martin Petrus


9 Hours

of training 





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If you sign up for the course, and for any reason, you don't like it after the first workshop day, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

This course is for anyone who would like to:
– Reduce stress levels

– Accelerate personal development

– Increase focus and mental clarity 

– Improve athletic performance
– Optimise memory consolidation

– Improve your cardiovascular and immune system

– Optimise sleep

– Increase creativity and learn how to use flow states

– Boost energy levels

Flexible Training

The course has no set timeframe. You can decide when you want to practice the exercises and how long you want to train.

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