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Along with a friend, I signed up to join the Collective's Poland Expedition. I wasn't at all sure what to expect and we both had visions of bailing out if Prague seemed like a better idea. That was not necessary. From day 1 we were captivated.   


Rich in knowledge and experience, however so wise and humble, Artur and Martin curated a journey across the week like nothing I've ever experienced. They guided and informed us but also facilitated an environment where we could learn from each other, ourselves and the natural world.


The daily schedule was perfectly paced and curated, including timing, food, breaks, challenges, learning and connection. The area was stunning from the door to wherever our daily activities took us. The food was just perfect, and the sauna was an added treat.

As a consultant in the wellness space, I've experienced a range of retreats and workshops.  I do not exaggerate when I say the bar has been raised. I feel like the word 'transformation' is over exaggerated in the wellness space. Artur and Martin never used this language in their promotional materials and I admire that. I absolutely did not expect this or have it as my aim, but something did shift. I returned to London feeling like perhaps something had been dormant in me and over the course of a week it had been woken up in a big wonderful way. If that is transformation, then I credit Artur and Martin, along with our special group of international adventurers and the stunning natural area where this all took place. I'm seriously not sure what experience is going to outdo this one.


Angie Starn, Consultant and Support for the Business of Wellness

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