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Guided Breathwork session with live instruments as background. 

The package contains:
Guided breathwork 35 min

The music was composed and performed by Michał Kaza and Jeremi Grzęda.

Meditrance Train - Soundcloud


Michał Kaza – doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, drummer and percussionist, lover of flowing rhythm. One of the founders of the Freedance project. He co-creates the music space at workshops and events related to movement, i.a. Movement Medicine and Shake it Off, thanks to many years of experience, improvising live. He dedicates his music to dancers.

Freedance - Facebook
Movement - Facebook
Shake it Off - Facebook

Jeremi Gromada – guitarist with a passion for sound engineering. Co-founder of the Szyszka Band and Jaśmin project, as well as a solo artist. In his work, he tries to combine many different musical genres.

Jaśmin - YouTube

Guided Breathwork – Inner Journey

£15.00 Regular Price
£9.00Sale Price
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