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Increase endurance / speed up recovery

The most comprehensive approach to breathing during sports.  

In this seminar you will learn how to optimise your breathing for athletic performance. These are the practical tools for improving breathing patterns in order to increase the oxygen delivery and transport in the body. We will go through the basics on how to breathe before and during training, how to prepare for maximum effort during competition and how to increase the speed of recovery.

The program is teaching how breathing exercises can boost physical performance and shift the mental state into full focus. In the long term the these principles will keep you healthy and stress free.

The general benefits:

– Delays the onset of fatigue and lactic acid

– Improves aerobic performance

– Improves VO2 Max

– Improves delivery of oxygen to organs and muscles

– Reduces breathlessness during physical exercise

– Helps prevent exercise induced asthma

– Helps maintain fitness during rest or injury

– Helps maintain focus and concentration

– Improve respiratory muscle strength

– Improve sleep and recovery

For who?
The breathing techniques that we teach can improve performance in team sports, martial arts, running, endurance sports (cycling, triathlon, rowing, swimming, cross country skiing). These practices might also be very helpful in disciplines where can improve concentration and reduce psychological stress.


I have collaborated with the best gyms training athletes and coaches in the fields of CrossFit, MMA and rowing.

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